Oakham listed as one of Britain’s Best

As well as Stamford being voted the best place in Britian to live in the Sunday Times, published on 17th March 2013, Oakham was also listed in the top 100 places to live. According to the Sunday Times: In the mini county of Rutland, Oakham is the largest town, though that isn’t saying much. It […]

‘Excellence in Oakham’

Excellence in Oakham Here is a lovely article taken from the local magazine, Countryside La Vie (Edition 90) about the market town of Oakham: Oakham is a very pretty, traditional English market town, in the County Town of Rutland. Bustling with activity and packed with heritage, there’s plenty to see in Oakham which makes it […]

Not a lot of people know that! Facts about Rutland…

Here are a few little known facts about our little county of Rutland: Rutland Water is Europe’s largest man made lake. It was built in 1977. Rutland is the smallest country in the United Kingdom. Rutland was originally part of Leicestershire but was reinstated as an independent county in 1997. Rutland is the only county […]