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Discover the Culinary Delights of Melton Mowbray

Discover the Culinary Delights of Melton Mowbray The Rural Capital of Food Did you know that Melton Mowbray is known as the rural capital of food? This charming town in Leicestershire, England, is famous for its world-renowned pork pies, Stilton cheese, and craft breweries. The iconic Melton Mowbray pork pies have been a beloved staple […]

Northern Lights at Rutland Water

On Friday night, Rutland Water experienced a rare and spectacular display of the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, due to an unusually intense geomagnetic storm. This storm was part of a larger solar event tied to the peak of the solar cycle, which heightened auroral activity globally. Our guests, Maggie and Craig, captured stunning photos […]

Easter Events in Rutland

The daffodils are in full bloom and the first Ospreys are back at Rutland Water. This all indicates that Easter isn’t far away now  (and hopefully Spring too!) There are so many Easter activities taking place in and around Rutland. Here are a round up of a few local events: There is an Easter Egg […]

The Rutland Ospreys return!

The Rutland Ospreys return! We were delighted to hear that the Ospreys have returned to Rutland Water! Maya returned yesterday (12th March 2024)  – the second time she has arrived back on the 12th March. This makes this her joint earliest time back. We now eagerly await the return of her breeding partner, 33(11). We […]

Parkrun Rutland Water

Parkrun Rutland Water is the closet Parkrun to Puddle Cottage and Snowdrop Cottage. The main 5km event takes place on Saturday mornings at 9am on the South shore of Rutland Water. The starting point for the Rutland Water Parkrun is by Normanton Church on the South shore of Rutland Water. If energy levels allow, the […]

Burghley Horse Trials 2023

I can’t believe this year has gone by so quickly. Here I am typing and Burghley Horse Trials has started today – I can’t believe we are nearly into September. The Burghley Horse Trials is one of the most prestigious and challenging equestrian events in the world. Held annually in the stunning Burghley House in […]

Mini Break by Rutland Water

Last week we welcomed two brothers for a 4 night stay – one staying at Puddle Cottage and the other at Snowdrop Cottage. They filled their long weekend with lots of activities which has made me think just how much you can do by Rutland Water in a few days. How might you spend a […]

Summer Update!

Hello from Rutland Water and what finally seems to be Summer! The gardens are in full bloom now and the evenings are warm and long – perfect! Thankfully the cottages were built in the 1840’s and the thick stone walls do keep the cottages cool in the Summer months. It was lovely to see Edith […]

May Update

Hello from Rutland Water! It’s been a busy month at the cottage with the holiday season in full swing now with some glorious sunshine. As a result of recently refurbishing and opening Snowdrop Cottage to guests, we have some Spring and Summer availability. If you are considering a stay, please have a look at our […]

Spring Update

Hello from Rutland Water! There is something about the clocks changing that focusses the mind to the Spring and Summer ahead, even if the weather hasn’t received the memo! It’s been a busy month by the big ‘Puddle’. The fishing season has started and Rutland Water Fishing Lodge has been hive of activity. There have […]